In A Dream
Cortometraje, animación 2D.
30 min 26 s

A triple collaboration between Mark Allen Soul, Balas De Agua and Xavi Romero that fuses music and animation. Based on the obsessive use of loops, the short film leads a journey through various landscapes devastated by passage of time and hypersensitivity of a digital era. As if it were a slowed-down version of reality, this capsule in space and time opens a window to a world of atmospheric endless loops where the self is constantly being erased and reproduced by the viewing of the piece into a dreamlike minimal paralysis session.

It was presented in a Secret Location on October 23rd, 2020 in two different shows hosted by the Límit Barcelona Collective and was part of the Online Exhibition El Temps by La Poetika inaugurated on November 16th, 2020. It was also released online on Lost Mixes.

Stream on Soundcloud
Online Exhibition: LAPOETIKA


Music by Balas de Agua & Mark Allen Soul
Animation by Xavi Romero
Artwork by Lou Marti
Written by Mark Allen Soul
Creative Direction by Xavi Romero y Mark Allen Soul
Release by Limit Barcelona, Lost Mixes & La Poetika