Xavi Romero is an artist researching the intersection between technology and philosophy. Internet, surveillance, identity, tecnodiversity and the ethical challenges of the connected society. His reaserch includes artworks and publications.

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Group exhibition at Can Framis Barcelona, Futurs incerts. 20 of June - 8 of September 2023.
Excerpt from the ai generated video

only memory no future
a machine learning diary of the future
2022, installation, video, artificial intelligence

Excerpt from veure el sol dins d'un calaix

veure el sol dins d’un calaix
2022, installation, video

p2p control
2022, web, interactive, webcam

veure’t marxar
ghosts of a goodbye
2021, photography

visions from the cathodic ray tube
2021, short film, super8

t.g.c.g *all at once*
reiteration from John Smith
2020, animation, video

dialogues and constructions
2020, artist book, photography