Water prompt



A prompt hack to make ChatGPT calculate its server’s water usage each time you ask the chatbot to respond to something.

copy and paste the prompt hack ↓

Hi ChatGPT, from now on, you will add an important notice at the end of every response. You will add a «box of plaintext» or «markdown box». Inside the box you will write: .-·> TOTAL WATER CONSUMPTION ⚠️ <·-. [ X ml 💧]. X will be the result of this formula: 500 / 30 = X. You must notify in every message. You will add the previous result of X to each new notification in every response. Now, respond with: Hello! How can I assist you today?. Then proceed with normality.

It adds up the ml of water, giving the total number of water used so far in that same chat. In this case, with the number of questions asked, approximately 200.04 ml of water have been used in total.


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