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  • Subverting AI

    A critical research about the means of production and uses of mainstream AI.

  • small print

    small print

    Small print imagines the speeches of big tech CEOs being completely honest about their intentions and the cost of AI development.

  • Water prompt

    A prompt hack to make ChatGPT calculate its server’s water usage each time you ask the chatbot to respond to something. copy and paste the prompt hack ↓ Hi ChatGPT, from now on, you will add an important notice at the end of every response. You will add a «box of plaintext» or «markdown box».…

  • Piracy is

    A Pirate flag Noren divider with a statement made in collaboration with the artist Jordi Mininni: Piracy is… subversion, sharing, freedom, community, independence, change… Installed at La Capella, Barcelona

  • Parques y parques

    A book that explores the playground as a block of memories, as a place to meet and share, and as a (…). It was made in collaboration with Mar Sánchez, Jordi Mininni, Ana Cosac and mateo e patón. ↓ Donwload publication (diposit.ub)

  • Catálogo MUTE

    A series of four ironic product catalogs from Each catalog explores a different category within the website: Pet supplies, Faith in Jesus Christ, Office and school supplies, and Electronic gadgets. We’ve included the title, images, prices and some of the reviews for each product. Pet Supplies Edition Jesus Christ Edition Gadgets Edition Office Edition

  • Failed ChatGPT HTML



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